Call for Article Contributions

What’s Happening At Your School?

As the leaders in supporting and connecting school-based programs addressing mobility, we want to know what’s happening at your school. We are seeking guest posts for our website and newsletter from transition-care providers – administrators, educators, counselors, admissions, human resources, parents and students – that inform, motivate and inspire schools to prioritize healthy student, family and staff mobility within and between schools. This is a great opportunity for you to ‘blow your own trumpet’ and share with us your school’s (or a school you have recently been a part of) best practices for supporting your community as they navigate the triumphs and trials of living and learning between and among cultures.

Article contribution criteria:


Word Limit
300-500 words

Choose one of the following transitions (for either student, family or staff):

  • Pre-arrival
  • Arrival/Orientation
  • Stayer
  • Leaver
  • Information between your school and the sending/receiving school

You may choose to write from a personal perspective or provide an overview of your program and the outcomes you have observed. Please respect the privacy of others.
You may write more than one submission if your school addresses more than one of the above transitions and/or key stakeholders.

Send your submission, in the text of an email, to and attach a high-resolution photograph of your school’s transition program at work. Label your photo with your school’s name in jpg or png format.

Please include:

  • In the subject line, the words ‘Here’s What’s Happening At [your school’s name]’
  • In the body of your email, your full name, job title/key stakeholder role and the city/country where your school is located

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee we will publish all submissions on our website or newsletter but may use the content as examples in combination with other schools.

Sharpen your pencil and get writing! We look forward to being informed, motivated and inspired by what you are doing at the coalface to provide transition care for your school community and beyond.

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